Making Medicines More Accessible and Useful

Efforts of a One-stop Shop

MyPharma envisioned a world where essential medicines and supplements were easily accessible to every Filipino. With our expertise in digital marketing, we were eager to bring this vision to life. Our collaboration encompassed the creation of a comprehensive strategy, website design, development, maintenance, and the crafting of engaging social media content. We also provided expert community management to ensure MyPharma's customers enjoyed a seamless experience.

The Role of Ease of Use

Taking cues from TGM's focus on customer experience, MyPharma's user-friendly platform was designed with an intuitive desktop and mobile interface. This approach made it effortless for users to browse the vast catalog of medicines and supplements available, effectively bridging the gap between healthcare providers and Filipinos in need.

Continuing the Efforts on Social Media

Our ongoing partnership with MyPharma also includes creating captivating social media content, which plays a vital role in making the platform known to a wider audience. By introducing more and more people to MyPharma's services, we contribute to the brand's mission of fostering a healthier, more accessible Philippines.


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