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A Digital Revolution Rooted in Responsibility


It has been our privilege to support Nickel Asia Corporation's (NAC) online platform since 2016. As the Philippines' foremost provider of lateritic nickel ore, NAC's website serves as both a crucial tool for business operations and a hub for the company's extensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

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A Voice of Sustainability

The NAC team's dedication to their CSR initiatives inspired us to design their website as a hub for sharing these stories. With their guidance, we have made it possible for all articles from the company's publication, the NAC Bulletin, to be uploaded to the website, allowing a wider audience to read about their positive impact on the environment and local communities. 

It is thanks to the NAC team's vision and unwavering commitment to their values that we were able to create a platform that showcases their dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Transparent Platform for Investor Relations

The NAC team has made it a priority to ensure that their investors are fully informed about the company's latest news and developments. To facilitate this, we have worked together to integrate all the necessary documents and reports required by the Securities and Exchange Commission into the website. 

The seamless integration of these resources is a direct result of NAC's proactive approach to investor relations and their determination to maintain transparency at all times.

A Close Collaboration

Our close collaboration with the NAC team has been the driving force behind keeping the website content up to date. Their constant communication and feedback have made it possible for us to provide timely website maintenance and to ensure that the platform remains a reliable source of information for all stakeholders.


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