The Goodwill Market

The Bastion of Conscious Consumerism

Promoting Ethical Heritage

Since 2018, we have had the privilege of working alongside the TGM team to strategize, design, and develop their e-commerce platform. Recognizing the importance of discoverability, we focused on highlighting the ethical heritage of the premium products TGM brings from around the world. This emphasis on conscious consumerism has resonated with TGM's discerning customers, a success that we wholeheartedly attribute to the dedication and vision of the TGM team.

Integration of the Website & Social Media

Our collaboration naturally progressed into the realm of social media, where we devised strategies, crafted graphics, and penned captions for TGM's posts. By ensuring the website and social media assets were in sync, we further bolstered TGM's brand identity and commitment to ethical consumption.

Constant Innovation

Acknowledging the ever-changing digital landscape, the TGM team consistently seeks ways to improve their customers' experience. In 2021, we collaborated once again to redesign the website, optimizing the mobile shopping experience to better serve TGM's clientele.


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