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We pride ourselves on creating unique, innovative strategies for our clients. In 2018, we had the pleasure of partnering with Areté Ateneo, an inspiring organization nestled within the Ateneo de Manila University campus that fosters creativity and innovation.

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Services Rendered

A Voice of Sustainability

Our initial goal was to showcase the breathtaking interiors of Areté's building, masterfully designed by the esteemed architect Leandro Locsin. However, when the pandemic emerged, we, along with the visionary Areté team, swiftly pivoted our focus to emphasize their virtual programs instead.

A DIgital Hub

Together, we transformed Areté's website into a digital hub for all the content produced by their talented team. Visitors can now easily read engaging articles, watch captivating videos, and listen to stimulating podcast episodes. We were particularly proud of our seamless YouTube integration and podcast hosting, which enabled users of Apple Podcasts and Spotify to enjoy Areté's content on their smartphones.

A Close Collaboration

The true success of this project, though, can be solely attributed to Areté's unwavering dedication to their mission and their close collaboration with our team. We have the privilege of working hand-in-hand with Areté to keep their website updated and relevant to their target audience, ensuring that it remains a vibrant showcase of their diverse projects, workshops, and partnerships.


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